A Fork in the Road

Different programs to best align with your business

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The Tale of Two Business Owners.

At this point we’ve come to a fork in the road. You need to decide what type of program you are looking for and how it will be implemented into your business.

Let me tell you a story of two different business owners.

The first one is Anita.womens-449407_1920

Anita started her photography business a little over a year ago. She doesn’t have a lot of excess capital laying around to spend on unnecessary expenses.

She has some tech knowledge and spends enough time on the internet that she knows a little of how things work.

Most of her photography projects happen on weekends, so she has a lot of time during the week to work on marketing and trying to grow her business.

Anita has a website and a Facebook page that she tries to get leads from, but building a consistent audience is time consuming and tough.

She’s run ads on Facebook, but the clicks she received for her ads never really converted to paying customers.

She’s heard people claim the power of email marketing and needs to learn more.

She just needs a solid easy to follow plan to keep her marketing efforts on track.

Then there is Ted.

Ted worked for years in upper management of a midsize corporation before venturing out on his own financial services firm.

businessman-805912_1280Ted is busy running his company, hiring employees, and being the lead sales person in his group.

He knows the power of good marketing and wants to create a system where he is totally hands off except for seeing the reports on his numbers.

He is a savvy business man and knows the marketing potential of email.

Ted also understands the value of leverage and knows his greatest asset to his company is in his management and sales skills.

He needs everything outsourced and wants to keep a birds eye view on his metrics.

Both Ted and Anita have businesses which can benefit from the power of Storified Email Marketing.

They both can build a list of highly engaged repeat customers using some basic simple steps their competition chooses to ignore.

Customers so connected with their brand they won’t hesitate to call them friends.

Both can have equally powerful marketing systems. The only difference is …

Anita wants help putting the system together herself

If you are like Anita and have the time and willingness to learn the power of Storified Email Marketing.

And, would like to venture out on your own.

We can teach you the system and put all the resources you will need at your fingertips to create an email marketing platform around your business.

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Ted needs a turn key system designed and implemented for his business

Is your business is similar to Ted’s?

Do you want a turn key system implemented for you?

Do want to hand off this part of your marketing and concentrate on the things you do best to keep your business running and growing everyday?

We have the “Done for You” system you are looking for.

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