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Who are you and why should I listen to what you have to say?

My name is Kevin Katzenberg and I’ve been creating my own money making websites and helping small local businesses in the Milwaukee Wisconsin metro area since 2009.

My personal site with some examples of my work can be found at

It’s in need of a redesign when I get some extra free time.

I’m generally a copywriter who builds websites out of necessity to get them optimized for selling products or services.

I’m not a web designer, developer or coder. If a business is in need of special styling or has special requests, I know designers and developers who I out source to.

I focus on my strengths which is to create a strategy and write the copy to sell your business or service.

So, you’re a copywriter then?


But, I do do much more than just write.

I consider copywriting not only just the writing, but analyzing the business to get the best customers to the business.

Every business has their eye on what the ideal customer is and I work equally hard at the writing as I do on helping you find your ideal customer.

This is really the only way to insure you get the most bang for your buck, so to speak.

This usually includes a ton of time just researching your business, the market you are in, as well as your competition.

You offer both training and service?


My business is broken down into two separate parts.

I offer copywriting and complete marketing funnel setup as well as well as training for the businesses who have extra time and not a lot of start up capitol.

Marketing takes a ton of time. That is why it is so costly to implement.

With the strategy I lay out here, any business professional should be able to setup and get leads or customers coming into their business.

Marketing is simple, but it is not easy.

If you go the training route be prepared to roll up your sleeves and work really hard.

I can show you everything you’re going to need to know to get your campaign started.

If I go the “do it yourself route” can I still hire you for copywriting or other services?


I can fill in any part of your campaign you don’t want to tackle.

My main goal is to help business owners create an automated customer getting machine which continuously works without a ton of time or maintenance.

I’ve seen this system work in other businesses and it is possibly the most efficient marketing system out there now.

Plus, your are creating yet another valuable asset for your business, a mailing list.

If you decide to sell your business in the future this will be an asset to sell just like the physical properties of your business.

I see mailing lists as the life blood of marketing for any business.

Something you can keep returning to when times get slow to re-prime your sale funnel.

Is any part of your training which is a paid training?


All the training I offer is free of charge. I do earn a small commission on some of the links through the site. Things like hosting, email service provider, or some other outside training I recommend.

These are all products or services use myself in my own business. I won’t recommend anything either I don’t use myself or believe it is the right training for you.

Buying direct won’t save you any money because my commission is paid by the product owner. It’s not tacked on top of the purchase price.

Plus, many times I create training specifically to use with their product to help you get the most out of your purchase.

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“The marketing advise Kevin gave me was right on target. Our sales had fallen a little flat and I always blamed it on the economy. He showed me ways I can get the business energized ... even while being in a recession.”


Brian Mattson

Manager, Behling Racing Equipment

“The marketing advise Kevin gave me was right on target. Our sales had fallen a little flat and I always blamed it on the economy. He showed me ways I can get the business energized ... even while being in a recession.”


James ‘Turk’ Letizia

Manager, Diamond Jim’s Auto Sales

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