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Complete implementation of a Storified Email Marketing System for your business

Done For You Email Marketing Program

If your company is at full steam and you are looking of a marketing solution which is completely automated and done for you, you have come to the right place.

We can tailor fit an email marketing campaign to run right with your current marketing. We can integrate sign up forms in to your Facebook page, twitter account, Linkedin account, or just about any other presence your company has on the web.

This, along with your company website will be you central hub for all online marketing activities.

Here is something interesting to keep in mind.

Many companies have spent hours and hours building Facebook pages and “Likes’ for their brand. Then one day, Facebook comes along, changes their display algorithm, or shuts down the company page all together, and all that work is down the drain.

The idea is to aggregate all your leads into one funnel and house them on a list you have total control over.

To get the ball rolling on setting your business up with an email list builder and email sequence, I first need to briefly describe what the service will entail and what all needs to be set up to get it working automatically, day and night, for your business.

I offer a greater description on what exactly to do in the ‘build it yourself’ section if you’ll like to understand the process in detail, but for our purposes I just want to give you a general outline so you understand what you are paying for.

Browse through the toggles below to explore more on each topic.

Cost For the Initial Phase, Research, Hook, Story

First, we will need to do some research on the market your business is in as well as well as personal demographics of your ideal client.

Any research you can provide will speed up this process and allow your campaign to be most effective out of the gate. We then create an avatar of your ideal client or customer. This will give us someone to ‘talk to’ in all your marketing content.

We charge a four hour minimum of $200 and $50 per hour for additional time spent.

The more products or services your company offers, the more time needs to be spent on this initial phase of the project. Many times your marketing message may have to change slightly for each product or service; depending on how your customers are segmented.

This is a critical step in creating a good message to market match as well as well as finding traffic to begin building your email list. Customers have different needs and go online to different places depending on what they are looking for. This research will tell us their needs and where they go to meet their needs.

Next, We will need to create a compelling story and hook around your business to get people to want to hear more from your brand.

Many businesses have done this already also.

If you already have a story, we will just adapt it into our system.

If we need to create a story, You are free to use it in all aspects of your marketing.

This is the core idea surrounding brand building and creating a business people will bond with.

This is included in the fee for the initial setup phase.

Cost for Creating a Website and a Landing Page

This area will get flexible depending on what your business has for a marketing platform. If your company doesn’t already have a website, we will setup a basic site for $350 and add content pages for $.50 per word.

Pages usually vary in length between 500 and 1200 words. This ends up being between $250 and $600 per page depending on the page content.

We don’t set a specific limit on words. We don’t restrict ourselves on words it really just depends how many it will take to get your message across.

A simple ‘contact us’ page is usually really short. Where as a company biography page can be rather extensive because you not only want to tell about your company, but sell likeability and trust all in that page.

Cost for Setting Up Your Email Marketing or CRM Account

You will need a place to house your email list and a tool to automate email delivery. Fortunately there are several services that can provide this, but we prefer Get Response as a starter platform because of their ease of segmentation.

To deliver targeted messages designed to connect with each prospects specific needs, we will need to divide your list into segments around those needs.

We charge a basic fee of $100 to set up your email marketing database account and set up the initial email signup form. After that, it will be a $50 per hour charge to set up and manage the different segmentation areas.

Cost for creating the Email Follow Up Sequence

The email follow up sequence is where we will do most of our selling.Email is an amazing marketing platform because it connects with people on their terms.

The message is sent directly to them to be opened when they have time to listen to it.

We charge $120 per email for the email follow up sequence and have a 10 email minimum.

This is usually the length needed to properly tell the business story and introduce them to the products or services.

We try not to cram everything into just a couple emails.

Smaller more frequently sent emails help conversions by giving people bit size chunks of what you wave to offer. Peoples attention span is getting increasingly smaller over time. It’s said that a prospect will need seven to thirteen points of contact to become a customer. Breaking your sequence down will increase the number of contacts.

Cost of Getting Traffic to Your Offer

This is where the rubber hit the road.

We will carefully select the best marketing platform for your campaign and begin sending traffic.

There are several traffic sources we can provide. The fastest to see the numbers is paid advertising.

We usually begin with tests of around $50 to $100 per week. After that we can ramp up the campaign and send as much traffic as you’re comfortable sending.

Our service fee is $50 per hour to set up and manage traffic stream. Ad copywriting costs are included in this hourly fee.

The other type of traffic we can send is content advertising. These are usually content posts put up on other sites where your customers are engaging. They have links embedded to deliver interested prospects back to your landing page to sign up and hear more from your company.

Costs for a content marketing campaign to drive prospects back to your list are $.50 per word to create the content and $50 per hour to contact and submit these articles around the web.

Fill out the form below with your name, email address, and a brief description of what you are looking for in email marketing help. We’ll get back to you shortly and get the ball rolling.

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“The marketing advise Kevin gave me was right on target. Our sales had fallen a little flat and I always blamed it on the economy. He showed me ways I can get the business energized ... even while being in a recession.”


James ‘Turk’ Letizia

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“The marketing advise Kevin gave me was right on target. Our sales had fallen a little flat and I always blamed it on the economy. He showed me ways I can get the business energized ... even while being in a recession.”


Brian Mattson

Manager, Behling Racing Equipment