Different Customers Different Needs

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“The marketing advise Kevin gave me was right on target. Our sales had fallen a little flat and I always blamed it on the economy. He showed me ways I can get the business energized ... even while being in a recession.”


James ‘Turk’ Letizia

Manager, Diamond Jim’s Auto Sales

“The marketing advise Kevin gave me was right on target. Our sales had fallen a little flat and I always blamed it on the economy. He showed me ways I can get the business energized ... even while being in a recession.”


Brian Mattson

Manager, Behling Racing Equipment

This is the area which separates average marketing campaigns from high end marketing.

And the interesting thing it’s not that hard to implement. It just takes a little extra time, thought, and effort to do it.

It’s basically segmenting your customers down into very small sections so what you are offering speaks directly to the problem they’re trying to solve.

There are several different factors which you can use to segment your customers, but I consider only two to keep it simple.

First is to segment by what market they are in.

In the case of Anita and the photography business, she offers products to several different markets.

  • Wedding Photography
  • High School Senior Year Photos
  • Corporate Parties and Events
  • Sweet 16 or Quinceañera Parties
  • Family Portraits

Maybe in the future she will niche down her business to just family portraits or just wedding photography.

For now she’s just getting her business off the ground so she needs to offer as much as she can just to keep the bills paid.

There is no reason though to try and sell to all those niches with the same message.

Each one has different needs so the best thing to do is to deliver a different sales message to each group custom tailored to speak directly to their needs.

This also means creating different customer avatars for each category; different customer signup pages, and separate email sequences for each.

Now don’t get too worried, it doesn’t all have to be done before going live with a campaign.

Lump them all together and get the ball rolling first. It doesn’t have to take you months of work to start bringing customers in.

Get something done and up in a week. Start building your list and start bringing some customers in the door.

Just be aware that over time the ultimate goal to bring you the largest amount of customer leads will be to segment your list down.

The other segmentation I generally use is where you find them on the web.

A customer who clicks on an ad in Facebook will probably have a different mindset than a customer who clicks on an ad from Google.

Someone who finds your sight through search will have a different mindset than a person who finds your sight through an article you’ve published on a different site.

Also, I should mention, that a person searching on their cell phone will be different than a person searching on a lap top or a PC.

Their mindset may be similar, but how they see your page will be different.

I did a campaign recently and set some traffic to my site through Facebook. The stats showed that 95% of the people were searching on their cell phone.

All my sites are responsive. (the site changes itself depending on the devise being used to access it) But, when I looked up my page on my phone the experience was horrible.

The headline was too long and I kept having to scroll over and over down the page just to read the entire thing.

Here is what I did.

I shortened the headline so the reader would get directly in to the story. Then, I shortened the entire story so the person didn’t have to scroll so far to get to the opt-in box at the bottom of the screen.

In the future I will probably experiment with a short video right at the top of the screen so the reader will not have to scroll at all to hear the message.

As you create pages you really need dig in and not only give the reader a message specifically targeting their wants and needs, but then try hard to walk in their footsteps to see if your site gives them the best possible experience.