Email Marketing With a Twist

Marketing Without Sales or Special Pricing to Attract New Customers

It’s common for businesses to have sales, give aways, or special pricing just to attract new customers.

I’d like an opportunity to show you a marketing method so powerful, you don’t need to take a financial loss just to get customers in the door.

In fact I’ve seen businesses charge a premium for their goods or services and still attract new customers.

What do I call this ‘too good to be true’ system?

Storified Marketing

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Email marketing can be one of the most powerful and least expensive forms of marketing you will ever employ for your business.

It has very little monthly maintenance charges, unlike standard advertising.

It’s a marketing message delivered directly to your customers inbox; ready for them to read; when they are ready to consume.

No interruption based tactics like telemarketing … It doesn’t bother your customers when they don’t want to be bothered

No junk mail your customers are annoyed with and don’t want to read …

No spammed message they  didn’t even want to get.

It’s a message they told you they want to get by subscribing to hear from you.

And, it pulls them into your brand or into your business.

So, What is the Difference in Your Marketing as Opposed to Other Email Marketing Programs Out There?

My system pulls customers in with an engaging story about your company or brand.

It’s a story to help your customer solve their problem.

And, connects with the very core of their values and beliefs.

Why a story?

Studies show that the brain reacts more favorably to messages in story form.

Stories build trust and engagement in ways other forms of content won’t.

This is what I mean about something completely different.

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Do Something Different Than Your Competition

Most email marketing follows the same format.

Start with an attention grabbing subject line then follow it up with special offers, specials for the week, screaming a sales pitch at your audience every step of the way.

Many have postcard style designs without any engaging reason why to shop by them except special price.

Don’t follow your competition down that worn out path. Your customers want more.

They want to be entertained … engaged … talked to like a real person.

Think about your last email promotion.

Would you feel good about knocking on your neighbors door and reading that promotion word for word.

Does it read like a conversation or like your screaming it to them at the top of your lungs?

Give Your Customers What They Want


To standout you need to make your marketing message unique.

Something highly engaging your customers aren’t used to seeing.

Something for them to share to their friends and family.

Something to make them think …

Make them laugh …

Maybe make them shed a tear.

Stories effect people on a whole different level than special pricing.

Use Storified Email Marketing to build your brand and give you the best chance to step away from your competition.

Form a Bond With Your Customers

One of themes powerful assets a business can have is repeat customers.

Forming a bond with your customers is one of the best ways to keep them coming back.

Special pricing won’t always do it, besides special pricing lowers your bottom line.

One way to do it is by bonding with the power of stories.

Let me show you instead of just preaching to you about it’s effectiveness.

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Let me show you through this example how you can increase customer engagement and essentially your bottom line through the power of stories.


The services I offer take two different approaches


First I offer training for you to do it yourself. In that training I have links to products I believe in and use myself. You don’t have to use these product to get the most from the training, but it may make your process even easier.

I do get a commission from these products, and that commission goes to keeping this site active and up on the web.

The other service I offer is setting up the entire system for businesses. Many business owners don’t want to devote the time in setting up the entire system.

It is time consuming.

This where I can help.

I custom design and implement email marketing platforms for businesses. This service allows them to be totally hands off and just have this system run for them 24hrs a day seven days a week.

Third, I also can fill in the gaps where any business owner needs them. I can do the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the system or do the copywriting for your emails, landing pages, or ads.

Not quite sure which category you fall into?

Read my story of two business owners to get a better idea.